Naruto Chapter 624 | Naruto 624 Scans

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Naruto 624 chapter It will be released this Wednesday.

An unexpected encounter between the two likeliest of foes. Tajima Uchiha with Izuna versus … Butsuma Senju and Tobirama!

Butsuma Senju: Oi! Tajima, the “Lion” of Uchiha, eh? And that pipsqueak, Izuna, the one who’ve faced repeatedly in battle, huh, Tobirama!

Tajima Uchiha: Heh, well, well, well. Isn’t this a surprise? Senju’s head here of all places. I guess great minds do think alike.

Tobirama Senju: [GLARE — Spins his sword around] Today will be the last you breath, Izuna. Don’t think some other person will jump in to save you this time!

Izuna Uchiha: [SNEER — Rest his sword on his shoulders] Is that how you remember it? I thought it was you who cowered in terror at my clans mightiness!

Hashirama Senju: (This isn’t good! If these guys go all out, they’ll kill each other! I have to stop this! Especially Tobirama!)

Madara Uchiha: (Oh, no! I never expected this! Shit — what do I do?!?!)

Tajima Uchiha: Madara.

Madara Uchiha: ?!

naruto manga 624

Tajima Uchiha: You where trying to warn him … right?

Madara Uchiha; [LOOKS DOWN]

Tajima Uchiha: I’ll forgive your transgression this time. Get over here and stand by your kin.

Madara Uchiha: (What should I do?)

Tajima Uchiha: I see … you’d rather show love for you worse enemy rather than protect your family. What if I told you … that the Senju were responsible for them murder of your four brothers?

Madara Uchiha: [CONFUSED LOOK] . . . . what?!

Tajima Uchiha: Mmm-. Didn’t even offer a decent fight, instead they ambushed them in the forest after they were returning from a mission.

New page shows seven ninja landing around four Uchiha. The Uchiha have a surprised look on their face. Suddenly, the seven ninja rush them and all that can be seen is blood flying into the air.


Izuna Uchiha: (Brother … !)

Madara Uchiha: Is that true … Hashirama?

Hashirama Senju: …. I’m sorry I neglected to inform you earlier, but still, your four brothers killed mine — Itama. That was the reason why my clan made the executive decision to go after yours.

Butsuma Senju: Heh, don’t sugar-coat it. [POINTS] You Uchiha killed my son! So, we slaughtered those reckless teens, relishing their hopeless pleas for help. And guess what, I was there leading the attack!

Hashirama Senju: Father!

Butsuma Senju: No! He needs to here how I beat and killed every last one of his pathetic, little — !!


Instantly, Madara is next to Butsuma, his foot inches from the man’s face that is frozen in shock.

Tobirama Senju: FAAATHEER!

Hashirama Senju: [FORMS SEALS]

A giant tree erupts from the ground, taking Madara along with it. It reaches several meters into the sky. Hashirama ascends it hastily.

Tajima Uchiha: (That’s the sacred Senju Wood Style! How could a boy be able to use such a Chakra-Consuming technique?!)

Hashirama Senju: Madara!

Madara Uchiha: Enough! I don’t want to hear word from you!

Hashirama Senju: (Looks sad) I’m sorry … I wanted to tell you that day … but I thought that we could hopefully make amends by talking about peace and prosperity that day. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work, though.

Madara Uchiha: Damn right! There’s no making peace for this! Your clan killed my four brothers when code of Shinobi law called for just one to die!

Hashirama Senju: EXACTLY!

Madara: !!!

Hashirama Senju: This code of law called for vengeance and death! It’s crazy that we Ninja operate off of such barabaric rules! I swear — I swear to change this land … AND DECIDE THAT PEACE WILL DICTATE THE LAW OF THIS LAND!

Madara Uchiha: !!!
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