Bleach 531 Manga Chapter and Spoilers

Bleach 531 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read bleach 531 for free online soon.It was never mentioned that he lost them, however I’d agree that it appears that Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo are not merged anymore in his inner world, since his reatsu appears to be much, much lower than when he was fighting Aizen. For one, everyone can feel Ichigo’s current reatsu, this would never have been possible in his battle against Aizen state.

bleach 531 spoiler

What I think did happen is that Ichigo still has to win over his hollow side to cooperate with him, the same way as he still needs to make Zangetsu completely cooperate, and discover his Quincy powers and abilities. I don’t think he lost his hollow powers when he lost his fullbring powers though, there are two reasons why I don’t think it did happen.

Watch out for the bleach chapter 531 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming bleach 531 Spoilers.

  • Ginjou said that when a fullbringer dies, their abilities will reset and all what they did will be undone (I suppose to a limit). If I’m not too mistaken, then Ichigo’s stolen fullbringer powers should have returned, but still at large unused (He seemed to only have merged with a little of his fullbring, and the merged part Ginjou coulnd’t steal, cause he can’t steal shinigami powers, hence the x marks of Ichigo’s new outfit, he still has some fullbring left in him, if not all of it due to Ginjou and many of the fullbringers dying.
  • Shinigami and hollow powers seem to be two sides of the same coin, if you cannot steal shinigami powers, then you cannot steal hollow powers, in my opinion.
    I think the reason it was possible to steal fullbring powers was that it was a given power from before birth by the mother being attacked by a hollow, thus it’s more like an “addon” power, that probably is much easier to steal, than say shinigami/hollow powers.

Going further down this road, I think that stealing a bankai from an Asauchi is exactly the same kind of process as stealing fullbring powers.
Shinigami has to be close to their swords of all time to make it their own Asauchi, why is this the case?
To me it seems like the inner spirit of the shinigami has to be “copied” or “manifested” or whatever word you would like to use, into the Asauchi.
The problem with this however could be that copies of a inner spirit should in theory be possible to steal, much in the same manner as fullbring powers are.

In the grand total, I think Ichigo still has his hollow powers, and it might not be the last time we see Ichigo appear in his hollow form!! Awesome if he did return!

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